Human Science

Here is a Theory of History I have devised based on the following principles:

EQUILIBRIUM -- Every disturbance of change is restored through another reaction. E.g., West tries to destroy Russian Revolution at its inception. West then suffers through the fear of the brutal Soviet Empire for 50 years.

OSCILLATION -- History oscillates between one tenet or possibility and its opposite, in an ever-upward movement. E.g., Elizabeth and James brought greater consciousness and harmony to England, to be followed by Charles' conservative treachery and restoration of monarchy, only to be reversed by Cromwell's vision of democracy.

PIONEER ROLE -- A pioneer leads history forward to the next stage of progress. Cromwell in UK brought the possibility of democracy. Napoleon brought new higher values to Europe. Akbar brought the possibility of harmony and unification of religions in India, etc.

NATURE’S EFFICIENCY -- Nature works on many fronts simultaneously. E.g. 9/11 event makes people aware of Middle East poverty and angst, of US & European diplomatic insincerity for 100 years, backwardness of ME, futility of fundamentalist religion, need for global solutions to world problems, etc. The current economic crisis brings out the same multiplicity (greed, Man NOT at the center of life, need for a World FED, US way not necessarily the best way, China and India are not losing much GDP compared to US, EU, and Japan saving society, etc.)

SUBTLE CAUSALITY – Historical outcomes may be due to inner forces undetected. E.g., Mother’s Force ends Cold War through Gorbachav.

EVOLUTION – History is a jagged, though continuous upward movements of higher consciousness. From physical to vital and mental and spiritual ; from lesser to greater harmony; etc. Period example breakouts are the Renaissance and the Hippies. Formation examples are like the UN and the EU. Etc. Values examples are liberty, democracy, human rights, etc.

DEEPER EVOLUTIONARY INTENT -- -There is an inner upward movement at work in any event that is masked by the surface outcome. WWII sped up evolution by hundreds or even thousands of years, bringing UN, EU, and many other forms of international collaboration.

OTHER PRINCIPLES: – Go to the higher plane to resolve problem of the lower. E.g., utilize economic strategies to deal with political impasses amongst nations. Cultural to overcome economic impasses. Etc. upward.

--Roy Posner 14:26, 7 June 2009 (UTC)