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Set in 19th century England, Pride and Prejudice traces the events in the lives of the Bennets over a period of a year, starting before Michaelmas of 1811 and ending before Christmas of 1812. The following is the chronology of the events in the story.

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October 1811
(Before Sept 29) Bingley arrives in Netherfield
Tue 15 Darcy insults Elizabeth at the Meryton Ball
Jane and Bingley attracted to each other
Wed 16 Bennets visit Lucases to talk over the Ball
The ladies of Longbourn wait on those of Netherfield (Bingley was present), and the visit it returned by the ladies of Netherfield.
approx 29th Elizabeth tells Charlotte Lucas that Jane has known Me Bingley for a fortnight, and in that time she has danced 4 dances with him (2 sets at the Meryton Ball), saw him one morning at his house, and dined in company with him four times.
A large party is held at Sir William Lucas's, where Darcy begins to listen to Elizabeth's conversations as a "step towards conversing with her himself." At this party he also comments to Miss Bingley on Elizabeth's fine eyes, after Elizabeth turns down his request of a dance.

Militia regiment arrives at Meryton

November 1811
Tue 12 Jane visits Netherfield and stays back because she falls ill
Wed 13 Elizabeth goes to Netherfield to be with Jane
Fri 15 Darcy begins to feel "the danger of paying Elizabeth too much attention."
Sat 16 Darcy spent half an hour alone with Elizabeth but did not speak one word
Sun 17 Elizabeth and Jane return home
Mon 18 Collins arrives at Longbourn
Tue 19 Jane, Elizabeth, Lydia, Collins, Bingley, Darcy and Wickham meet at Meryton
Wed 20 Wickham tells lies about Darcy
Tue 26 Elizabeth dances with Darcy at the Netherfield ball, her relatives expose themselves
Wed 27 Collins proposes to Elizabeth, she refuses

Bingley leaves Netherfield with the intention of returning after a "short time."

Thur 28 The rest of the Netherfield party follow Bingley to town
Sat 30

Charlotte and Collins are engaged to be married

December 1811
Bingley leaves Netherfield
Mon 23 Gardiners visit Longbourn for Christmas
Mon 30

Jane goes to London with the Gardiners

January 1812
Thurs 9 Collins and Charlotte marry and leave for Hunsford

Jane does not meet Bingley in London

March 1812
Thurs 5 Elizabeth visits Charlotte at Hunsford
Elizabeth dines at Rosings often
Mon 23 Darcy and Fitzwilliam arrive
Tue 24

Darcy visits the parsonage

April 1812
Thurs 9 Elizabeth learns from Fitzilliam about Darcy's interference in Bingley life
Darcy proposes to Elizabeth, she refuses
Fri 10 Darcy gives Elizabeth a letter explaining his role in Bingley's and Wickham's affairs
Sat 11 Darcy leaves Rosings

Elizabeth goes to London

May 1812
Elizabeth and Jane return to Longbourn

The militia regiment leaves, Lydia goes with the Forsters

June 1812

Elizabeth's tour of the North with the Gardiners is postponed

July 1812

Elizabeth visits Derbyshire with the Gardiners

August 1812
Sat 1 Lydia elopes with Wickham
Tue 4 Mr. Bennet goes to London in search of Lydia
Tue 4 Elizabeth visits Pemberley, Darcy arrives
Wed 5 Elizabeth meets Darcy, Georgiana, the Bingleys
Fri 7 Jane's letter about Lydia's elopement arrives, Elizabeth leaves for Longbourn after informing Darcy
Sat 8 Darcy leaves for London
Sat 15 Mr. Bennet returns to Longbourn
Sat 15 Darcy calls on Mr.Gardiner in London
Mon 17 Mr. Gardiner writes to Mr. Bennet that Lydia and Wickham are to be married
Mon 31 Lydia and Wickham are married
Mon 31

Lydia and Wickham visit Longbourn

September 1812
Fri 4 Elizabeth writes to Mrs. Gardiner asking her for an explanation after Lydia's discloses that Darcy attended her wedding
Sun 6 Mrs. Gardiner replies
Thurs 10 The Wickhams leaves
Thurs 17 Bingley returns to Netherfield
Sat 19 Bingley and Darcy call on the Bennets
Wed 23 Darcy confesses to Bingley about his interference with Jane
Sat 26

Bingley proposes to Jane, they are engaged

October 1812
Sat 3 Lady Catherine visits Longbourn
Sun 4 Collins writes to Mr. Bennet about the rumour of Elizabeth's engagement to Darcy
Tue 6 Darcy proposes to Elizabeth, she accepts him
Jane and Bingley marry, Elizabeth and Darcy marry


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