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By Savitri 14:25, 2 May 2007 (UTC)

I have always been fond of playing chess. From my childhood days, I have been playing chess and practicing it with my father (and teaching my mother how to play chess!)

This incident took place when I was 8 years old.

One day a chess tournament was conducted in my school by our chess teacher. I defeated all my opponents at the tournament and finally, I was to play with X.

People believed that he was the best chess player in my class. Everyone in my class thought so. All my classmates cheered him up. They all said nobody could defeat him in chess and he was going to get the first prize.

I was scared to play with him. But my father had taught me that all of us had got a hidden power in heart and if we called that Greater Power before doing something, there would be no failure and everything would become possible. So, I called it for a moment, felt positive and started playing.

To my own surprise, I won the game.

All my classmates were shocked.

I was thrilled.

From then onwards, I called that Greater Power before I played any game. In the following months I participated in nine interschool tournaments and bagged nine trophies.

Then I stopped going to tournaments because of family circumstances.

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