Human Science

In my business, Guru! Software, I usually receive payment promptly from my clients who I do training and consulting for, or who purchase our online project management software training. However, there has been one client with whom I have had some problems lately. It was for a one time job and did not involve an exorbitant amount of money, but still they have not paid as agreed. Also, when I have contacted them repeatedly in the past, they have hemmed and hawed about payment. Some of their reasons may even be valid, but still....

I had reached the end of the rope with this client and I needed to take a new tact. The only option open to me was to take legal action, which I have not had to do with a single client in two decades. Still this was what I thought I had to do. When I called the client today, I was going to let them know my intention.

When I made the call I was calm, but I knew I had to be firm. I decided to speak in a friendly manner when the party on the other side answered the phone (from accounts payable).

When we began the phone conversation I simply identified myself and my company (we had spoken several times in the past, and she knew who I was). Before I had a chance to say any more, she immediately said (in a happy tone) that she had mailed the check the previous day! In other words, I did not even have to express my intention for her to act on it!

What happened? When I shifted to psychological toughness and away from weakness, I was able to make life respond. It even occurred before I expressed my intention to her!

That is the power of greater psychological strength, a subject matter I discuss in detail in my book 'The Miraculous Phenomenon of Life Response.' I have seen the power of this approach many times in my life. When you know when to take to that greater level of strength, life immediately cooperates thereafter. In fact, life always responds to strength. However, when you shift to greater strength at the right moment, or if you are weak and move to strength at nearly any time, sudden good fortune tends to come your way.