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Gurusoft is the user name for Roy Posner, contributor to Human Science, and founder of Growth Online, a site dedicated to exploring the keys to human evolution and transformation.

Inspired by the life and teachings of the Indian sage and seer Sri Aurobindo, Roy embarked on a journey to understand the deepest truths of life. A good part of what he discovered along the way is presented at Growth Online. Roy is also the author of several books on personal growth and transformation, including the internationally acclaimed 'The Miraculous Phenomenon of Life Response.'

Roy has had an eclectic mix of skills and interests. He has been a business entrepreneur and owner, a software developer and trainer, a music composer, a book author, and a philosopher of life. Many of the articles he has penned for Growth Online were developed in collaboration with The Mother's Service Society, a thinktank founded by Sri Karmayogi located in Pondicherry India. MSS has done groundbreaking work in the areas of social development, economics, business management theory, education, literature, psychology, personal growth, and spirituality in life -- extending the profound wisdom of Sri Aurobindo to each of these fields. Most of the content of Growth Online is built upon this intellectual and experiential foundation.

Roy's central goal for Growth Online is to help viewers learn the inner keys to abundant prosperity, endless accomplishment, and deep and abiding happiness and fulfillment in life. Throughout the site, he reveals the psychological and spiritual keys that can help us unlock that infinite potential. Many of the ideas and principles presented at the site were influenced by the teachings of Karmayogi, the multi-dimensional original-thinker and spiritual genius who is the founder and leader of Mother's Service Society.

Roy believes that even with all humanity's progress over the past few millennia, we -- as individuals, businesses, and society -- have not reached even 1/1000th of our potential. That promise can be realized very quickly, however, when we learn to develop our higher consciousness. In particular, if we change certain limiting aspects of our being, life will quickly respond to that inner effort with good fortune. E.g. you change a wanting attitude, and instantly from out of nowhere you are offered a job of a lifetime. Roy refers to this miraculous-like phenomenon as a "life response." He recently completed a groundbreaking book on the subject, 'The Miraculous Phenomenon of Life Response.'

Roy's 400+ essays on human evolution and transformation can be found in his newly organized and categorized free PDF or for-sale bound book 'A New Way of Living,' In addition, his daily thoughts and insights on these and other subject are presented free in PDF format and for sale in his book 'Inspirations.'

Roy is also the chief developer and author of the site 'New Insights Into the Life and Teachings of Sri Aurobindo and The Mother,' a fresh, new look of the profound teachings of these two towering spiritual figures. Included there is perhaps Roy's most significant contribution to the consciousness space, a chapter-by-chapter analysis of Sri Aurobindo's tome 'The Life Divine,' likely the single greatest exposition on the nature of existence, human evolution, and the spiritual Reality ever devised.

Roy has also been a contributing author and editorial board member of Consecration magazine, a journal dedicated to practical application of spirituality in daily life. He is also a research associate for The Mother's Service Society/MSS Research, and a contributor to both the Human Science project and the forums. Several years back Roy participated in the development of a new web-based expert system for personal relationships, RomanceEternal, as well as a powerful online sales training system, TenFold Sales, based on profound principles of personal growth and success.

Roy participated in e-conferences on creating full employment in the world, the emergence of True Individuality in society, and a new vision of Higher Education as guest member of the World Academy of Art and Science (WAAS). He is also a guest researcher for the World University Consortium (WUC), a new initiative of the World Academy.

In October 2010 Roy spoke on the phenomenon of Life Response at the North American gathering of SKY (Simplified Kundalini Yoga) in Mtn. View, California. In December 2010 an article about Roy's insights on the phenomenon of Life Response was presented in an essay in The Times of India. In April 2012 Roy spoke at a gathering in San Francisco of Tech Mahindra, a $3B Indian IT company, on the subject of how to evoke powerful Life Response in Sales by changing one's attitudes.

Roy was also featured on the cover of the online edition of BusinessWeek for his remarks on intuition's role in 21st century business success.

In the summer of 2013 Roy released twenty 3-4 minute inspirational audios on how to attract sudden good fortune from out of nowhere, i.e. the phenomenon of "Life Response."

In 2014 Roy co-founded LAMERE Business Systems a management consulting, training, and research company dedicated to taking its clients to the pinnacles of success. The stated goal is to turn every company Lamere comes in contact with into a highly energized, vastly productive, and enormously profitable Living Organization.

In November 2014 Roy made a presentation to ~100 business owners and others at the EVOLVE management conference in Kochi, India on the subject of how "Overcoming Negative Attitudes Attract Business Success." Shortly after a highly review of Roy's book 'The Miraculous Phenomenon of Life Response' was presented in the magazine supplement of the Hindustan Times in India.

Roy is also the founder of GuruSoftware, a software development, training, and consulting company headquartered in California, specializing in project management. The business (and his other endeavors) serve as a living laboratory for Roy to apply the powerful life principles he has learned along the way, which in turn provide new insights that are captured in his latest essays, articles and books.

Roy is currently working on a 7-day seminar and workshop on the subject of 'Life Response and Work: how to attract good fortune and attain peak levels of success'

One of Roy's deepest aspirations is to develop an interactive, dynamic web and mobile based personal growth program to help users elevate their consciousness to enable vast success and deep inner fulfillment in life. It would include all of the knowledge he has garnered through his association with Sri Aurobindo, the Mother, Sri Karmayogi, Garry Jacobs and others. A simple simulation of the site/program has been developed.

Roy can be reached at