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Studies have shown that people in India and mexico have much lower rates of cancer due to eating spicy foods. Spicy foods have many benefits like improving 'heart health, fighting cancers like blood cancer ( 'leukemia ), prostate cancer etc.

What happens to your heart and body when you take spicy food every day. Today we will talk about spice and spicy foods. Actually when we talk about spicy food we usually refer to the type of foods that are served primarily with chili and other seasonings such as garlic, onion, turmeric, cumin seed, hot tomato sauce, salsa etc. By the way spicy food is not only about loosening clogged nose and turning up body heat it means more than what we believe it to be. It has numerous health benefits However some people are allergic to it. Let's dive deeper into different type of health benefits of spice and spicy foods. 

1.Resisting the Cold:

It helps in fighting cold Among spicy foods chili pepper is the best pick to fight cold allergy or common cold problems. Chili peppers are full of vitamins like A, C and contains capsaicin. Capsaicin activates the mucous membrane of the nose and it opens nasal passage and reduces sinusitis.

2.Fight Cancer:

It fights against cancer Studies have shown that "capsaicin and Chili's and other plants of that group slows down the growth of cancer cells" By inducing apoptosis programmed cell death. Capsaicin slows the growth of deadly tumors and kills off leukemic cells. You have probably heard of leukemia disease. people with leukemia produce uncontrolled amount of white blood cells in the blood and this overproduction of white blood cells disrupts the normal function of the blood Chili Peppers along with tumeric and mustards work as a powerful anti-cancer drug in the body. 

An epidemiological study has shown that Indian and Mexican people have lower rates of some cancers. The phenomenon has been associated with they're taking foods rich in capsaicin. 


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