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The native intelligence of Man has been the same ever since Man was born as a species, is one view. In his long varied history, he has created many wonders. From our view some stand out, even if the fact is every creation of Man is equally wonderful.

Those who have studied the origin of Money and Language would have seen the real greatness of these institutions. They have brought to play powers that are to be seen nowhere else. Since the invention of Money, it has demonstrated wonderful powers at many times. Subtly perceptive people over the ages have discovered that Money multiplies in proportion to one’s giving it away.

Credit is an age-old institution. In essence it is an arrangement by which one man’s survival and growth are made possible by another man. It is a financial institution that makes possible the psychological, sociological and even spiritual unity of humankind.

Man, particularly his ego, has been known to possess a special resource of ability in that,

  • He becomes the slave of the thing he has given birth to.
  • He converts a positive instrument into a negative one.
  • He has the reputation of making language, which is a social instrument of unity, into an occasion for bitter discord and disunity.

He is one who has converted the Individual divine within him into the separative, divisive Ego.

Credit was invented to save an individual who lost his capacity for survival by the help of one whose capacity to survive was greater than he needed. In simple terms, it was an innovation to help the weak survive by the support of the strong.

Human nature, which is resourcefully perceptive of the scope for its self-assertion and self-aggrandisement, discovered that this same credit enables the strong to wipe out the weak in the guise of support.

One characteristic of non-moral neutral forces is not to stop acting as long as that action is possible, regardless of the fact whether that action is desirable or necessary.

Man’s helping another with Money is not unselfish. He gets his reward in terms of what is known as interest. Religions have prohibited interest but it has come to stay. Usury, charging exorbitant rates of interest, has enabled the lender to ruin the borrower. Lenders of the local community have thus grown into tyrants, while lenders who are outsiders have been violently persecuted by the local people. Man’s need for Money was always ‘great’. Man’s need for greedy acquisition was always equally great. Religion and law, morals and ethics have little power of restraint over these forces. Thus, usury has come to stay as a thriving institution. Money thus accumulated helped buy the Suez Canal and similar good things. Generally it has helped wipe out the dissipating weak. Whether it was helpful or harmful, usury has remained with humankind as an institution for good or bad.