Human Science

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Energy is the fuel for all accomplishment. Energy becomes Force when it is given a direction. Force is converted in to Power by channeling it through an Organization. Power generates Results when it is expressed through Skills. This is the process of Energy Conversion that is the basis for all human accomplishment – at the level of the individual, the organization and the society.

Skills direct physical energy to achieve greater results. The skilled craftsman, talented musician and professional athlete acquire a finely tuned mastery over the expression of their physical energy so that the slightest movement can be perfectly moderated.

Attitudes are social skills. Attitudes direct our vital (nervous, emotional) energy to achieve greater results. Those whose work primarily involves interactions with other people – leaders of all types, politicians and statesmen, actors and entertainers, traders and negotiators – know the importance of acquiring mastery over their attitudes and behavior. The willingness to listen, recognize others, the capacity for pleasant interchange, patience, tolerance, cooperation and countless other attitudes determine the effectiveness of our work with other people. Attitudes are the channels through which our vital energies express in action.

Decisions are mental skills. Decisions direct our mental energies to formulate appropriate concepts, goals, judgments, strategies and plans for action, which in turn govern how our vital and physical energies express.

Values are spiritual skills. Values are higher ideals that we accept and seek to express in life through our decisions, attitudes, skills and actions. When values are brought down to the mental, vital and physical planes, they energise the faculties of mind, vital and body for highest achievement. Values are based on the knowledge or faith that there is a spiritual principle behind everything.

To know the power of values is spiritual knowledge. To render those values powerful, one must make spirit REAL in his work. If that is done, the expression of that value will give him a rare joy.

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