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One of the most obvious and striking expressions of the character of life in the story is the web of interrelations that initially and repeatedly brings the major actors together through a variety of circumstances that culminate in the four marriages. This web has its roots in circumstances and events that occurred many years before the beginning of the story and yet play a vital role in determining its outcome. Although such circumstances are often dismissed by critics and readers as literary device, a close observation of life will reveal that similar conditions commonly serve as an essential and inessential foundation for important outcomes in real life as well.

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Life has woven a complex conspiracy of relationship between Darcy and Eliza unbeknown to either of them.

  1. Wickham, who was raised by Darcy’s family and almost ruined Georgiana’s life, now comes to Eliza’s town and almost ruins Lydia’s life, thus giving Darcy an opportunity to intercede and finally win Elizabeth in marriage.
  2. Darcy’s friend Bingley purchases Netherfield Hall in Eliza’s community and brings Darcy both to the community and to several public dances where he is brought into contact with her. Bingley is the first to try to initiate that contact when he suggests that Darcy ask Eliza to dance at the Meryton Ball.
  3. Bingley falls in love with Eliza’s sister, Jane, creating a link between Darcy and Elizabeth which Darcy later tries to cancel.
  4. Mr. Bennet’s cousin Collins recently obtained a living as parson on the estate of Darcy’s aunt, Lady Catherine. Thus, there is a prior relationship between the two families before Darcy ever comes to Herefordshire.
  5. When Eliza refuses to marry cousin Collins, he marries her best friend Charlotte, who invites Eliza to visit her at Hunsford where she meets Darcy again.
  6. Mrs. Gardiner’s native place is in Derbyshire close to Pemberley. The Gardiners take initiative to invite Elizabeth on a summer tour to the Lake country then alter their plans to visit Derbyshire instead. Once there, they propose a visit to Pemberley itself.

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