In the past six months, The Secret has taken the world by storm, selling millions of copies as a DVD and a book and jumping to the top of the best-sellers list. It has won acclaim from popular icons such as Larry King and Oprah Winfrey. It has been scorned by some scientists and psychologists as pseudo-science and psycho-babble and condemned by others for appealing to people’s materialistic aspirations. Those who dismiss it, do so with a vehemence reminiscent of the church’s response to Copernicus and Galileo. Everyone is talking and arguing about The Secret, but very little is being done to rationally examine and evaluate the methodology it advocates.The purpose of all knowledge is the power to better life on earth -- to improve the human condition physically, economically, socially, politically, psychologically and spiritually. Human Science is knowledge for human accomplishment. Human Science is based on the premise that there are universal laws and processes governing all fields of human activities. The objective of this project is to impartially examine The Secret from the perspective of Human Science to determine whether the method it advocates is consistent with universal principles of consciousness, life and human accomplishment

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