Human Science

I spoke to someone who was concerned about the security of a program we were developing. I assured him that we would address that issue, and put in security at many levels of the application. He was convinced in part.

I then wanted to convey this issue to my partner in the project. We had not discussed this issue before in any way. However, I decided to forego communicating my concern. The next morning I received an email in which he described a new dimension of the program that delighted me. But what was extraordinary was how in the new storyline he sent, he included important points about the security of the user.

By withholding expression of my concern, he picked it up in the atmosphere, which compelled him to express it in his new document. Or to put in another way, by refraining from physically initiating through an email, his interests and mine aligned, which I then experienced as a life response outcome. It is one form of the principle of “Silent Will.”

--Roy Posner 00:11, 9 September 2008 (UTC)

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