Human Science

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Articles on energizing work and organization for high performance and rapid expansion

  1. Human Science is based on the premise that there is infinite potential for growth even in the most apparently constrained situation. Learn how to use values to Energize your Organization for Exponential Growth.
  2. We measure the value of a value in terms of the extra profit it generates.
    Learn how to Convert Every Value into Profit-Value.
  3. Discover how Values Sustain Business Success
  4. Read about companies that Harness Values for High Performance & Rapid Growth.
  5. Find out how fast growing companies Put Values to Workas a lever to keep on growing year after year, decade after decade.
  6. Values are powerful when and only when they are expressed in actions and tangibly impact the way a company operates. Value Implementation is a process that any organization can systematically apply to enhance its performance for non-stop growth.
  7. Any individual committed to high values can become a Significant Individual in the organization of which they are a part.

Three Types of Work Values


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