Human Science

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This paper discusses the theoretical potential, current global opportunities and broad strategies for creation of 500 million new jobs within a decade. A theoretical understanding of employment generation as one dimension of the social development process challenges common misconceptions and supports the view that full employment is an achievable goal for the international community. A progressive expansion of human needs that generate additional employment opportunities coupled with accelerated growth in the productivity of material and non-material resources provide the essential foundation for full employment. Current international trends in demographics, technology and social organization are opening up opportunities that strongly favor accomplishment of this goal. The Summit will need to project a broad range of strategies to meet the needs of different nations, fields of activity and concerned organizations. Strategies should tap the entire gamut of employment opportunities from agri-business to information technology-enabled services, focusing on activities at the next higher phase of development appropriate to each geographic region and stratum of society. These strategies will achieve maximum results when employment is recognized as the economic equivalent of the right to vote in political democracy and it is guaranteed by all nations as a fundamental human right.

  1. The Problem
  2. Theoretical framework for full employment
  3. Emerging Global Opportunities
  4. Youth Employment Strategies
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